Indonesian Airport Staff Falls Off From Plane Door After Ladder Was Moved Without Him Knowing

Watch your step!
A ground staff member of TransNusa Airlines suffered a severe fall from an aircraft door, capturing widespread attention after the incident was caught on video.

According to the caption of the video on X, the incident occurred at Jakarta Airport in Indonesia.

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Didn’t notice that the ladder had been removed

The video footage shows the ground staff member attempting to disembark, only to step into the void and plummet several meters to the tarmac below.

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The ladder was removed
Image via X/@sjlazars

Paper documents can be seen flying everywhere when the staff member falls to the ground.

The male ground staff member was conversing with the crew at the door of an Airbus A320 when he failed to notice that the boarding stairs had been removed.

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It was speculated that the aircraft door was around 3 meters high, and the fall might result in severe injury.

Staff fall from the plane
Image via X/@sjlazars

No life-threatening injuries

Airport authorities have launched an investigation into the incident and have implemented measures to prevent similar accidents in the future.

The injured ground staff member received immediate medical attention and is reported to be in stable condition with no life-threatening injuries.

Watch the original video:

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