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“I’m not perfect” Cathryn Lee attempts suicide over recent online criticisms

Everyone's imperfect, even celebrities.

Recently, Malaysian influencer and pianist Cathryn Lee made headlines with her outburst during a live interview session on FaceTalk after netizens made callous remarks about her piano skills.

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Today (March 13), the 31-year-old shared a photo of her neck imprinted with bloody traces, suggesting that she tried hanging herself but failed.

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The photo came with a lengthy caption:

“In the middle of the night, my emotions collapsed, and I wanted to end all the pain. When I finally dared to end my life, the wire I tried hanging myself with tore off as it was too thin. Can you imagine the amount of distress and agony when you realise you can’t die when you want to?

She also revealed that she struggled to hold herself together since the incident amidst immense scrutiny from the media.

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“I’m not perfect. I’m just like any ordinary person. Everyone has been expecting me to be flawless in every aspect – my appearance, my talents, and even my emotions.”

“Sometimes, when I make mistakes, many will pounce at the chance to accuse me relentlessly.”

She repeatedly emphasised throughout the post that she was imperfect and wished that more would be more understanding. “No matter how emotionally strong I am, I will still break under the constant pressure and hurtful comments being thrown towards me.”

(Photo from Instagram/ @cathrynli)

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If you have no idea why Cathryn Lee once again became the talk of town, read this:

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Sources: (Instagram/ @cathrynli)

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