If You Crave A Wild Look And Safety, Gracshaw Animalia Helmets Are Your Best Bet

Get ready to turn heads and protect yours with Gracshaw Animalia.
If you’re a rider in Malaysia and haven’t heard of Gracshaw, it’s time to get your head in the game—literally.

Since 2006, Gracshaw Malaysia has been protecting noggins with helmets that scream style and safety. Their latest series, Gracshaw Animalia, takes things up a notch by paying tribute to Malaysia’s wildlife. Let’s dive into this wild new collection!

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Animal Kingdom on Your Head

The Gracshaw Animalia series is inspired by Malaysia’s rich wildlife, bringing a bit of the wild side to your daily ride. Each helmet in this series features a design inspired by iconic Malaysian animals.

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Meet the wild bunch:

SAIF (Civet)

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Gracshaw malaysia helmet - saif

AKHDAR (Kinabalu Crested Dragon)

Gracshaw malaysia helmet - akhdar

TAKAO (Takao Bird)

Gracshaw malaysia helmet - takao

BARRY (Sun Bear)

Gracshaw malaysia helmet - barry

AURUM (Malayan Tiger)

Gracshaw malaysia helmet - malayan tiger

G8 (Hawksbill Turtle with Wau Bulan elements)

Gracshaw malaysia helmet - g8

Helmet and the Beast

Gracshaw malaysia helmets

These aren’t just helmets; they’re statements. The Open Face Single Visor design offers a slim-cut, ‘Asian fit’ that hugs your cheeks like a bear hug from Barry. Sizes range from M to XXL, so there’s a perfect fit for every rider.

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Ventilation? Check. With three air vents and four air outlets, these helmets keep you cool while you’re turning up the heat on the road. Plus, the inner padding is soft, removable, and washable. Say goodbye to helmet hair and hello to helmet flair!

Wildly affordable

At just RM280, the Gracshaw Animalia helmets are a steal. They combine high-quality features with unique designs that won’t break the bank. Snag yours from official Gracshaw distributors or order online: Gracshaw Official.

A Ride Through Time

Gracshaw malaysia helmets

The Animalia series isn’t just about looking cool (though it certainly helps). It’s about celebrating Malaysia’s natural heritage. Each design connects the past, present, and future, reminding us of the incredible wildlife that calls Malaysia home.

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So, if you’re looking to ride in style while showing off a bit of national pride, the Gracshaw Animalia helmets are a purr-fect choice. Whether you’re zipping through the city or cruising through the countryside, do it with a helmet that’s as wild as your spirit. Get ready to turn heads and protect yours with Gracshaw Animalia.

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