I Would’ve Won If I Wasn’t Drunk, Claims M’sian Man In Viral Clip Of Fight In Penang

He also claimed to have a black belt in karate.
A recent viral video capturing a confrontation between a man and a shop owner has ignited a flurry of discussions and speculations across various social media platforms.

The intense nature of the incident has prompted the man involved to step forward and provide his perspective, offering valuable insights into the events leading up to the altercation.

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What went down: A spat over service

Singlet guy 1 by 1 gentle man
Screenshot via social media

According to the man, who remains unnamed, the conflict stemmed from what he perceived as rude treatment from the shop owner.

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Expressing dissatisfaction with the service, the exchange quickly escalated into a heated argument, eventually leading to a challenge from the shop owner for a one-on-one confrontation.

In a video addressing the incident, the man disclosed that there had been a prior rivalry between himself and the Chinese shop owner, dating back 13 years. He clarified that the earlier dispute had been resolved through legal channels.

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Recalling the sequence of events, the man revealed that his visit to the grocery store was prompted by a friend’s invitation.

Getting under each other’s skin

1 by 1 gentle man penang
Screenshot via social media

He described feeling provoked by the shop owner’s confrontational demeanor, which led to a verbal altercation.

Despite admitting to being inebriated at the time, he asserted, “Even if I didn’t drink alcohol, it would still trigger me. After he said to fight, of course I would not deny.”

Notably, the man claimed proficiency in karate, boasting a black belt in the martial art. He acknowledged the shop owner’s expertise in taekwondo, highlighting the disparity in fighting styles between them.

The widely circulated footage captures moments of physical confrontation, with the man appearing to struggle against the shop owner’s defensive maneuvers.

Despite repeated attempts to engage in combat, the outcome seemed predetermined, with the man being knocked down multiple times.

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Expressing regret for chaos caused

Singlet guy 1 by 1 gentle man penang
Screenshot via TikTok/@prabu_360_

Following the incident, the man expressed regret for the chaos he caused and issued apologies, particularly to the Tamil community.

He attributed his actions to intoxication, acknowledging that he stood little chance against his opponent under the circumstances.

In the aftermath of the viral video, discussions on social media platforms have been rife with speculation and commentary. Some users have urged the man to reflect on the incident and channel his newfound fame into more constructive endeavours.

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Watch the full clip here:

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