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I Never Believed In Astrology. But That Changed When Everything A Priest In Klang Foretold Came True

Everything happens exactly.

Growing up, I found myself at odds with my Hindu family’s strong focus on prayers and regular visits to temples to worship deities. Little did I know that life was not going to be the way I thought it will turn out.

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Being the most rebellious kid in the household, I was untamable. Despite my parents’ attempt to shift my focus from boys and substances to studies, they miserably failed. Left with no options, my mother decided to bring me to one of the most well-known astrologers in Pandamaran, Klang.

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Not even a tad bit of trust

On my initial visit, I was merely 14 years old. The astrologer analyzed the stars and signs which were all documented in a book. Convinced it was all fake, I did not pay attention to his words.

Book of horoscope
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I will be attracted to boys and will face a huge problem in my school, yet it will not affect my studies. Let her be, she will come to her senses soon

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My mother could not believe what she was hearing. Knowing me well, she was petrified of me getting in trouble.

On the other hand, I thought everything was staged and that the astrologer was paid to say such things. Thus, I paid little to no attention to what he was uttering.

A few months went by and my mother and I did not seem to remember what was told by the astrologer. Soon, I found myself in a relationship with one of my classmates, which quickly became common knowledge within the school.

One day, during extra curriculum, we took a picture forming a heart on top of our heads and another with a kiss on the cheek.

Without thinking of the consequences, I posted it on my Instagram which was a public account with over 500 followers, mostly consisting of my friends.

Unbelievable twist left me stunned

After the weekend, when I went back to school, my boyfriend did not talk to me as he was mad at the fact that the pictures were posted online. While in class, my boyfriend came to my class, bringing me to meet the discipline teacher.

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It was not long after they found out the whole school saw the pictures and we were yet to be suspended. The parents were called to school.

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Well, you can imagine the rest. Being in an Indian household, this was really hard to face and that was the last day we spoke to each other.

My mother could not believe that what the priest told somehow happened and being eager to know more, we revisited him.

This time, I was 15-years-old, with a little fear in me I stood there still. While my mother was listening to the priest, I was afraid that he may spill my deepest secrets.

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He told my mother that she will have the opportunity to buy a home at the age of 43 and that she will be given a choice to accept her husband again or live alone. We both went home with much doubt and little faith.

In 2020, Covid struck and the early withdrawal of EPF funds allowed my mum the opportunity to purchase a house without a down payment.

In another unexpected twist, she even got back together with the man who left us for good in late 2019. I could not believe that everything was happening as foretold by the priest. “It could not be happening, how is it even possible?” I wondered.

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Frequent visits to the astrologer took place. “Every time he was right, it was like he was the author of my life, nothing went wrong, I am now 18 yet to continue my studies and still am working,” I mentioned.

During the last visit, I was 17, ready to take a major examination called SPM. The priest told me my grades will be average and that I will not continue my studies and will definitely marry the love of my life when I turn 21.

A magical writing done by a girl
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I didn’t believe him. I knew I would continue my studies, but yet here I am, 18 and still working. I am in a situation where my work pays me the same amount a diploma graduate would earn. Life is treating me well; it seemed bad then but now? I can’t even take it that way.

Well, more to be found out by me, I guess. For now, I am terrified of how accurate his readings were and he has never missed even once. I even told that he does not charge much but only RM50 per person.

The scary part is, you can never do anything about it. Even if you are aware, it will still happen, as if your life was a Final Destination movie. This is why the priests themselves can’t change their life as it’s meant that way.

I mentioned that there’s something fishy about this and how creepy it actually is. I also explained how many go to the wrong priests who did not study astrology or horoscope well. The priest I met was indeed an educated one.


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