“I need a break” Uncle Kentang tells Malaysians to not call his personal number for help

"I‘m no longer feeling well," Uncle Kentang said.

KUALA LUMPUR – Kuan Chee Heng, also popularly known as Uncle Kentang, is well known for his charitable deeds and was even given the Commonwealth Points of Light Award by Queen Elizabeth II in May.

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Kuan chee heng

However, it seems that he has reached the end of his rope after months of being swamped by endless calls by Malaysians for aid according to his recent Facebook post.

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“I’m no longer feeling well. I need a break. Please call 03-80656666 instead. We can take 40 calls a day, with seven minutes for each call. My handphone needs to rest.”

“My head and ears are in pain. Thank you for understanding.”

Uncle kentang i'm tired
Photo via Fb/马铃薯叔叔日志 Uncle Kentang

Kuan attributed his burnout to the incessant calls for help since the #BenderaPutih movement began.

One team member said they would usually receive a few hundred WhatsApp messages during MCO, but it has now spiked to more than 2,000 messages a day.

“Many have also shared Uncle Kentang’s personal phone number to various Facebook groups, indirectly increasing his workload,” the team members told China Press.

“Unable to keep up with the calls, his other duties were disrupted as a result too.”

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Kuan’s team will now offer their services via a hotline, where the calls would be allocated to each member.

“We hope the public will make good use of it so that we can provide help efficiently.”

You can view Kuan’s post here:

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