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“I hear ambulance sirens every, single, day.” Woman documents horrifying truth of COVID burial site

These are NOT mere numbers

SEGAMBUT – A woman named Sharon Jessy took to Twitter to warn Malaysians of COVID19’s deadly reality with a photo she took from her condominium.

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In the picture, it showed a privately owned burial site which was dotted with freshly marked graves.

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According to Sharon, the site was recently converted into a cemetery for COVID victims and the numbers have been growing ever since.


Before June 2021, there were only about 40 occupied slots (non-COVID cases). Two months later, 1k spots (& counting) were used up.

I hear ambulance sirens every, single, day.

Hours after the first tweet, Sharon posted another photo showing hospital vans and volunteers lining up to enter the burial site.

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Edited from SharonJessy’s photo

The reported daily deaths are no longer ‘just stats’/conceptual numbers. They’re very real and they’re multiplying.

Please mask up & be conscious abt your hygiene & surrounding sanitation.

In view of rising COVID-19 cases, we urge everyone to stay vigilant and to observe the SOPs at all times as it can strike without warning.

Cover Images via SharonJessy and hyadZR

Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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