“I Am The Owner” – M’sian Responds To Woman Who Looked Down On Him For Working As A Cashier

Think before you judge.
A man shared an recent encounter where he was looked down on by a woman for working as a cashier, not knowing that he is actually the owner of the shop.

The incident came to light when X user @QamarulQashroff shared his experience on social media.

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Arul's restaurant
Image via X/@QamarulQashroff

“26 years old and still working as a cashier?”

According to his post, he was working at the restaurant and handling the cashier duties when a woman, who had just finished her meal, approached the counter to pay.

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The woman first asked him about his age. When he replied that he was 26, she immediately sneered, “26 years old and still working as a cashier?” Her condescending tone left him astonished.

In response, the man informed her that he was, in fact, the owner of the restaurant, rendering her speechless.

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“Auntie, I am the owner of this restaurant. Did you know that?” he retorted.

Arul at disney land
Image via X/@QamarulQashroff

Don’t judge a book by its cover

In his post, he emphasized that regardless of whether he is the owner or not, there is no shame in a 26-year-old working as a cashier to earn an honest living. He expressed his bewilderment at why the woman looked down on him.

He also criticized the woman’s disdainful attitude and her tendency to judge others, urging people not to emulate such behavior.

He later revealed that due to the peculiar encounter going viral on social media, his shop has been doing well recently.

He even follow up saying that he is actually living his dream life since he was a kid, showing photos of him travelling around the world.

Arul travelling around the world
Image via X/@QamarulQashroff

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