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BN’s Hishammuddin Says He Will Follow UMNO’s Decision 100%

He also said he's prepared to be in the Opposition.

Barisan Nasional treasurer-general and Sembrong MP Hishammuddin Hussein has declared his utmost loyalty to UMNO and said that he will follow whatever decisions the party makes.

In a Facebook post, he added that he was also willing to see BN be the Opposition.

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If there is no consensus and final word, it is better for BN to act as an opposition and I am ready for that.

He also added that he will stick by BN’s side no matter what and wants to “heal” UMNO without compromising on his stance.

Previously, Hishammuddin said that he was willing to be sacked than to work with PH and DAP in forming the government.

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Bn's hishammuddin says he will follow umno's decision 100% | weirdkaya
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