Here Are 5 Tips On How To Buy The Best & Juiciest Crab That’s Worth Every Ringgit

Did you know that you also can get the best crab just from observing the moon? Yup.

Crab or ketam, a delectable seafood choice, not only satisfies our taste buds but also offers a wealth of nutrition and essential minerals.

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With its meaty goodness and abundance of eggs, crab stands out as an excellent option for seafood enthusiasts seeking both flavor and nourishment.

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However, selecting the right crab can be daunting.

To ensure you make informed choices and savor the best the ocean has to offer, we’ve created a straightforward guide to crab selection.

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1. Consider the weight

Blue crab
Photo via Herald Tribune

When selecting crabs, consider their weight as an indicator of their filling.

Heavier crabs typically mean more succulent meat, regardless of their size.

Assess the weight by simply feeling the crab in your hands.

Keep in mind that larger crabs usually come with higher price tags, so align your choice with your budget.

2. Examine the colour

Crabs in blue plastic
Photo via Facebook/Live Mud Crab – JJ Seafood Supply

Understanding crab colours is essential.

Blue flower crabs, with their bluish hue, larger white spots, and elongated pincers, are males. They offer abundant meat.

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On the other hand, brownish or greenish flower crabs, females, have smaller white spots and shorter pincers.

Opt for female crabs, as they often carry plentiful eggs.

3. Examine the shape

Crab ready to be opened with scissor
Photo via Elevated Wild

Examining the shape of the crab’s shell reveals its gender.

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Male crabs have relatively straight and elongated central shells, while females have rounded or widened centres.

4. Pay attention to the moon

Man fishing by the sea
Photo via USRA

Timing matters too.

After witnessing a full or floating moon, visit the market the following day for crabs.

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Crabs harvested during this period tend to have dense and filling meat.

5. Find the one that has orange markings

Crabs with orange markings
Photo via Serious Eats

Look for female crabs with many eggs.

They can be identified by orange markings on the underside of their shells.

Gently opening a small section of the bottom shell confirms their egg-laden status.

Whether you prefer meaty males or flavorful females with eggs, each choice promises a satisfying adventure. Happy ketam hunting!


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