“He has helped me before” M’sian singer cries over news of Muhyiddin’s resignation


Since yesterday, national headlines have been swirling around embattled Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who’s expected to tender his resignation letter to the King today.

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While most Malaysians may be relieved over the news, the same couldn’t be said for local singer Mila Jirin.

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In a dramatic Instagram video, a teary-eyed Mila expressed her profound grief over the news that Muhyiddin’s days as Prime Minister may be over.

“I don’t know why I’m sad. I’ve never felt this way when previous Prime Ministers left the post.

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“Maybe it’s because he [Muhyiddin] has helped me before,” she said while sobbing uncontrollably.

However, she did not specify how exactly Muhyiddin had offered assistance to her.

Mila then concluded the video by praying that Malaysia would be free from the scourge of Covid-19.

Insya-Allah, may God make things easier for everyone in Malaysia. Oh God, take Covid-19 far away from us.”

The video has since garnered more than 200k views at the time of writing.

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Cover Images via The Strait Times & Instagram/ mila_jirin

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