M’sian NGO Urges Govt To Ban 24-Hour Eateries To Curb Rising Obesity Among M’sians

No more mamaks?
In Malaysia, one of the best things we have is the wide availability of mamaks that operate all day round without fail so that we can fill our stomachs at any time of the day.

However, that may soon come to an end after a non-government organisation called upon the government to revoke the licenses of such eateries in light of increasing obesity rates in Malaysia.

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CAP: Govt must ban 24-hour eateries

In a statement released by Consumer Association of Penang (CAP) president Mohideen Abdul Kader on Facebook, he urged the government to look into taking away the licenses of 24-hour eateries.

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Cap president mohideen abdul kader
Photo via Utusan

He added that CAP had long called for the move to be made as it would be a way to help Malaysians lead healthier lives.

The authorities should repeal the 24-hour operating license given to eateries as studies have shown that there are negative effects of late-night meals such as weight gain, sleep disorders and digestive issues.

“Presently, Malaysians are in an unhealthy situation as we have the highest prevalence of obesity among adults in South East Asia.

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“In the 2019 National Health and Morbidity Survey, 50.1% of our adult population were reported to be overweight (30.4%) or obese (19.7%),” he said.

An obese malaysian
Photo via The Star

While Mohideen admitted that banning 24-hour eateries will not completely solve Malaysia’s obesity problem, he said that the move will aid people in cutting down their late-night eating habits and sleep better.

“In view of the situation, the CAP calls on the authorities to repeal the 24-hour operating license given to eateries.

“The government should be more serious in controlling the environment that encourages obesity, by mandating that all food outlets be closed by midnight rather than be allowed to operate 24 hours a day,” he said.

M’sians strongly disagree

Unfortunately, CAP’s proposal was met with strong opposition from netizens, who said it was impractical and infringed on one’s right to lead their own lives.

‘F*** off! These eateries are a life saver when I get off work after midnight.’

M'sian ngo urges govt to ban 24-hour eateries to curb rising obesity among m'sians comment 1
Screenshot via X

‘If the government does that, we sue them.’

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M'sian ngo urges govt to ban 24-hour eateries to curb rising obesity among m'sians comment 2
Screenshot via X

‘This is killing the economy lol. That one is on the consumer’s choice, not on you. DON’T DICTATE!’

M'sian ngo urges govt to ban 24-hour eateries to curb rising obesity among m'sians comment 3
Screenshot via X

Do you agree with the proposal? Share with us in the comment section!


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