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Korean Reality TV ‘Godiva Show’ to livestream the lives of 14 men and women in an isolated house with 60 cameras!

(Almost) nothing is impossible for Korean reality shows.
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KOREA – Korean entertainment company SGC (Seoul Girls Collection) has recently announced the release of their brand new production, “Godiva Show”, whereby 14 males and females will be put together in a reality show streaming live on YouTube.

Also a Survival TV

The guests will be forced to mix around and utilise their charisma as there are missions to be completed, as well as internal voting at primary stages.

The location will be set in a mansion called “Godiva House” on Jeju Island. There will not be internet connection, phones, TV, laptops, or other gadgets to contact the outside.

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼
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The “primitive life” setting aims to broadcast genuine interactions and communication of an isolated community.

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At the end of the show, one chosen winner by audiences’ real-time voting will be walking away with ₩100 million (Equivalent to roughly RM356K).

100% Broadcasted LIVE

In the trailer released on the 22nd of October, the production team confessed that there would be no script, directing, nor editing.

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼

“100% live observation variety show,” they wrote.

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼

How is that possible?

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They will be placing 60 hidden cameras in the Godiva House. The cameras will be turned on 24 hours a day for 100 days. Viewers may choose from the selection of angles to watch from as the show unfolds.

The production team also clarified that the participants have agreed to broadcast ALL of their natural skinship, affectionate reactions, physical contacts, and even shower booths.

The Cast 

The casting lineup is yet another highlight of the show as it features prominent figures in multiple industries and backgrounds.

Among them, there is Seo Hye Yoon, an ex-contestant for Miss Korea .

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼

Pyun Gang Yoon, ex-contestant of Produce 101, who debuted in girl group BLADY.

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼

Cha You, Female DJ debuted in Heart, which was disbanded soon after, .

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼

In addition, the winner of the Man Of The World pageant, Ahn Sung-Hwan. He is also the owner of a drinking pub and a YouTube channel with over 80K subscribers. 

Photo via YT/ GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼

There is also a businessman, stage actor and models in the show.

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Photo via kbizoom

The live stream on the YouTube channel “GODIVA SHOW TV 고디바 쇼” will commence from 10 am, 1st of November, which is a week away!

Are you going to watch the show? 

If you’re getting excited, watch the trailer here:

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