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“Giant” pet dog mauls owner to death in apparent case of moodiness

Even best friends can become murderers too.

BANGKOK – A man at Pattaya City in the Chon Buri Province was brutally attacked by his pet dog while asleep and later died from his injuries after spending two days in the hospital.

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This grisly incident took place at the Bang Lamung district on April 16, where 56-year-old Vexi (based on translation) was sleeping with his two-year-old bulldog Giant before the latter was suddenly aroused from its slumber and attacked Vexi. Volunteers from a nearby charity centre rushed to the scene, only to find blood smeared everywhere. It also took them half an hour to bring Giant under control.

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(Photo via udnbkk.com)

Vexi, however, wasn’t so fortunate. His body was badly mangled, with his ears torn off and scalp pitted with bite marks. He was later pronounced dead due to excessive blood loss.

His wife said that Giant was a mild-mannered dog and claimed that the hot weather and a lack of walks might have caused him to become moody and turn on Vexi in such a savage manner. Giant was then placed at an animal shelter while police investigated the actual reason for the attack.

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A second chance

According to sources, Giant is now under the care of a new owner living in the Samut Prakan province. When a news reporter visited the owner to interview him, Giant looked somewhat depressed as he hadn’t adjusted fully to its new home. However, he cheered up as his master began stroking his neck.

(Photo via udnbkk.com)

The new owner said that he adopted Giant because he looked very similar to a bulldog he had previously raised and felt sorry for Giant after no one was willing to take him in following the bloody affair.

The owner also said that he would pay extra care and attention to Giant as he is still prone to biting other people in the future and promised to give him enough space to roam around.

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Sources: Universal Daily News Bangkok, Cover image via udnbkk.com

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