Get The Dreamiest Phone HONOR Magic6 Pro In Cloud Purple Along With Free Gifts

It’s cute and aesthetic la weyh!

We can all agree that when we think of the dreamiest colour, pastel shades, especially purple, come to mind. Just imagine having cool items like our phone in a dreamy purple shade.

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Well, keeping that in mind, HONOR is now releasing the Magic6 Pro in a stunning new colour, Cloud Purple. Wow! 

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Cloud Purple – A New Hue of Elegance

Honor magic6 pro - purple
Photo via HONOR

The newly launched Cloud Purple draws inspiration from a serene sunrise over a lake, with soft lavender light reflecting on calm waters and fluffy clouds drifting by.

This year, AI smartphones are all the rage, and the HONOR Magic6 Pro is no exception. Equipped with advanced AI, it enhances everything from photography to daily usage tips, offering a fresh and practical user experience that’s truly exciting.

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Honor magic6 pro - purple
Photo via HONOR

Let’s delve deeper into the awesome features of the HONOR Magic6 Pro.

AI Tele-falcon capture, capture further and clearer

Speaking of AI, the standout feature has to be HONOR’s falcon capture. HONOR has been perfecting capture sportography since the HONOR Magic5 series, and this year, they’ve taken it up a notch with the Magic6 Pro.

Thunder lightning in purple by kenji ooi
(Image credit: Kenji Ooi)

The camera system has been upgraded to Tele-falcon capture, featuring a 180MP setup and advanced AI algorithms.

Bird scenic view by fahmie izwan
(Image credit: Fahmie Izwan)

This means you can capture ultra-high-speed motion pictures with stunning clarity. 

Spiralled firework by fahmie izwan
(Image credit: Fahmie Izwan)

It’s right on par with Huawei’s Pura 70 series Ultra Snapshot, showcasing how HONOR is leading the industry trend.

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Fish net by mohd fuad
(Image credit: Muhd Fuad)

AI Magic Portal – One Step to Your Destination

HONOR’s platform-level AI has developed an incredible feature called the AI Magic Portal, currently exclusive to HONOR phones. 

Ai phone

Imagine having Doraemon’s Anywhere Door right in your pocket! With this feature, when a friend sends you a meeting location via WhatsApp, you no longer need to copy the address, exit WhatsApp, open Google Maps, and paste the address. 

Instead, with the HONOR Magic6 Pro, you simply long-press the address and drag it to Google Maps within the Magic Portal to start navigation instantly—saving you more than double the time!

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But that’s not all. The Magic Portal also lets you drag and drop photos directly to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms for immediate sharing. 

Magic portal - honor - drag to email
Photo via HONOR

Even more exciting is that by the end of May, this feature will support dragging content to Taobao, WeChat, Douyin, and other apps. See something you like? Just drag it to Taobao and get a gift of the same style!

There’s More Exciting Features

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  • AI Smart Folder

Organise commonly used apps like Grab, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Maps into smart folders. For instance, Instagram can have a shortcut for posting stories, while Grab can have shortcuts for car and food services. 

Google Maps can even be set up with one-click navigation to your home and workplace, eliminating the need to search step by step.

  • AI Image Search

Tired of scrolling through your entire gallery to find one specific photo? With the Magic6 Pro, you only need to search for photo characteristics like “cakes,” “cars,” or “toys,” and the AI will filter out relevant pictures for you. 

The AI also classifies photos based on people who frequently appear in your gallery. For example, parents can easily click on their child’s album to view all photos featuring their children.

  • AI Eye Protection

HONOR smartphones are not only drop-resistant but also emphasise eye protection, a key reason why so many users choose them. 

The screen automatically adjusts brightness according to natural light and features 4320Hz high-frequency PWM dimming technology and a sleep-aid display, making the HONOR Magic6 Pro one of the most eye-friendly smartphones on the market.

Gifts worth up to RM1,696!

To make this launch even more special, HONOR is offering a fantastic promotion. Now that sounds like a double treat! 

Honor mwc
Photo via HONOR

Starting from May 24th, anyone who purchases the HONOR Magic6 Pro in any colour, including the previously released Epi Green and Black, will be receiving gifts worth up to RM1,696

These include the HONOR CHOICE Haylou smartwatch, HONOR Earbuds X6, a 1-year extended warranty, and 365 days of front and back protection.

With these innovative features, the HONOR Magic6 Pro is more than just a smartphone—it’s a smart companion that enhances your daily life in exciting new ways!

Honor magic6 pro
Photo via HONOR

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