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Fully Booked Hotels In KL Proves M’sians Are Happy With Govt, Says PH MP

"It shows that the people are happy and can enjoy themselves."
Malaysians are recently experiencing a tough time when it comes to making ends meet, no thanks to the steady decline of the Ringgit and the new Sales and Service Tax (SST) of 8% which officially begins today.

While one would think that these factors would cause Malaysians to grumble against the government for the financial woes, one MP thinks otherwise and attributed it to hotels bursting with guests.

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Hotel interior in kl
For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

PH MP: Fully booked hotels In KL a sign of happiness with govt

According to government backbencher Aminolhuda Hassan, he said Malaysians are generally happy with the unity government and its performance so far.

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To prove his point, he brought up an anecdote of him being unable to book a room at a hotel in KL as it was fully occupied,

Rice may be insufficient, but the people continue to progress. If we enter a hotel and it’s full, it shows that the people are happy and can enjoy themselves.

Hotel lobby area in kl
For illustration purposes only. Photo by WeirdKaya

“Many people are enjoying the benefits provided by the government,” he said as quoted by FMT during a debate over the royal address.

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Aminolhuda added that there have been no instances of Malaysians having to raise a white flag in order to secure basic necessities as it was done three years ago.

“The administration under Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has its finger on the pulse of the nation. The inflation and corruption index has also shown improvement.

Anwar ibrahim sitting inside his office
Photo via FB/Anwar Ibrahim

“The people will soon be able to witness the impact and benefit from the investments totaling RM329.5 billion last year,” he added.

Aminolhuda was responding to opposition leader Hamzah Zainudin’s accusation that the government had failed in address pressing issues faced by Malaysians.

What was the White Flag movement?

In case you’ve forgotten, the White Flag movement was an online movement which launched in 2021 by Malaysians with the aim of sending aid to families who were hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and badly battered economy.

Poster of white flag movement
Photo via X/@HafizolHakami

In order to signal to others that they needed financial aid, such families would hang white flags at their door as a way to alert others of their dire situation.

What do you think of Aminolhuda’s statement? Do you agree with it? Share with us in the comments!

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