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This SG Restaurant Offers Free Dessert Or Alcohol For Diners Who Want To ‘Celebrate’ A Divorce

Popping champagne over a heartbreak.
Divorces are never happy occasions and more often than not, most would prefer burying the event at the back of their minds so as to not relive the pain again.

However, a restaurant in Singapore is putting a new twist into the mournful occasion by offering diners who wish to ‘celebrate’ a divorce with free dessert or alcohol.

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Seems weird? Not for this Mexican-Indian restaurant named Ms Maria & Mr Singh.

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Free dessert or alcohol for diners who want to ‘celebrate’ a divorce

At Ms Maria & Mr Singh, diners have the option of choosing “divorce” under the special occasion section when making a reservation.

Other occasions also include anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette parties and engagements.

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Ms maria & mr singh singapore's 'divorce' booking option
Photo via Mothership

Aside from Ms Maria & Mr Singh, two other restaurants that also offer this unusual booking option are sushi and sake bar Rappu, and steakhouse The Feather Blade.

After making the booking at any of these restaurants under the “divorce” option, diners are eligible for free celebratory shots or dessert in return.

Idea inspired by Mexican dish

Speaking to Mothership about the unorthodox booking option, The Proper Concepts Collective, which manages three of the aforementioned restaurants, said it began offering “divorce” as a booking option after launching Ms Maria and Mr Singh in 2022.

The inspiration behind the choice is the Mexican dish, Huevos Divorciados, which consists of separated eggs.

For the uninitiated, Huevos Divorciados means ‘divorced eggs’ in Spanish, a dish consisting of fried eggs with red and green salsa.

When asked whether there were any verification process in place to check the diner’s “divorce” booking, The Proper Concepts Collective said there was none, adding that it relies on “the honesty of our diners”.

Would you throw a celebration after getting a divorce? Share with us in the comments!

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