Foodpanda riders’ thoughts on the RM18k income: “You don’t know how hard it is…”

As the saying goes, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

Recently, a delivery rider, Safwan Seth shared his two-month earning which total up to RM18,004, on Facebook and has sparked tremendous discussion and attention on the Internet.

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Foodpanda riders' thoughts on the rm18k income: “you don't know how hard it is... ”
Safwan Seth shows his earning for two month (Photo from Safwan Seth FB)

While many were amazed by his determination to work so hard and his luck for being able to pick up so many orders, some netizens expressed their admiration towards his job as a delivery rider for being able to acquire such a high income.

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As the post of his “RM18k earning” went viral, more and more people started to perceive delivery as a job that could get you rich with easily-earned money. Some people even go so far as to claim that they want to quit their job and work as a delivery driver.

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While the fact remains true that fellow delivery driver Safwan Seth did manage to earn RM18k in two months, however, many people seem to forget the fact that he worked 725 hours in the 2months, which translate to 12 hours per day.

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Yesterday (20 January 2021), Wilsiong Lim, a delivery rider who works for Foodpanda, shared his experience as a delivery rider, mainly about the difficulties he faced in his job.

Yesterday (20 January 2021), Wilsiong Lim, a delivery rider who works for Foodpanda, shared his experience as a delivery rider, mainly about the difficulties he faced in his job.

“Foodpanda is not as easy as you guys think. For a starter, we have to work 12 to 11 hours a day. Sometimes, we do not even have the time to eat our meal, we have to eat anything we can buy in a hurry while waiting for vendors to prepare orders.” Lim wrote.

He then mentioned that as a delivery rider, he also need to bear the weather and work 7 days in a week without any day off.

“We need to deal with difficult customers as well.”

“It is not what you think it is most of the time (referring to when they came late). We, as riders, do not like to spend too much time on one order as well, but when the vendor takes half an hour or even over an hour to come out with the food, we have no choice but to wait there doing nothing.” Lim clarified.

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“Everyday we risk our life on the road, trying to be as efficient as possible, so please do not be too harsh on the riders as most often it is not our fault that we are late.” Lim wrote in his post.

In addition to all that, trying to keep up the order batch is also very difficult at times. It would assign order that is very far away for the same RM4.50 price, regardless of the weather as well.

“You need to take into consideration of these burden when you are admiring others’ earning. If you can bear the challenges, then you deserve the earning.”

Despite sharing a lot of difficult challenges he faced as a delivery rider, as well as photos of him badly injured, Lim still managed to stay positive and happy during his work.

He loves taking photos and video when he is working and in his video, he always seems lively and happy.

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Through the lens of his phone, Lim captures the interesting side of being a delivery rider, as they are travelling around doing their job, they get to discover around the town and find new experiences and challenges every day,

He has been to different places.

Conquered the stairs.

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And every day he is up to a unique, fresh, new experience! Being able to find positivity in your work, regardless of how difficult it may be, is a very previous mentality to have.

Hopefully, through Lim’s sharing, everyone could understand the essence of the job more. And just as Lim mentioned in his hashtag, we should respect all jobs as all jobs have its own challenges!

What do you think? Did Lim change your perspective on delivery work? leave a comment and tell us!

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Sources: Wilsiong Lim FB

Editor: Raymond Chen

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