Father Allegedly Throws 3 Of His Kids Off MRR2 Bridge Before Leaping Himself

Only 1 survived the ordeal.

Tragedy has struck yet again after it was reported that a man allegedly threw three of his kids off the MRR2 bridge before leaping himself.

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According to China Press, police were alerted of the incident which took place at around 6am today.

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An eyewitness told police that he saw the man hurling the children off the MRR2 bridge before he jumped to his death.

Suicide at mrr2 bridge
Photo via China Press

2yo the sole survivor

Preliminary investigations revealed that the sole survivor of the incident was only 2-years-old.

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She managed to survive the jump after landing on a grassy patch and was rushed to the hospital where it was reported she is currently in a critical condition.

Police have since identified the victims as a 38-year-old Myanmar man, his 8-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son.

Dead body
Photo via The Jakarta Post

The man and his family also possessed a refugee visa from the UNHCR, where they are allowed to reside legally in Malaysia until May 2029.

Investigations are still ongoing to uncover the cause of the tragedy.

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Cover image via The Jakarta Post & Mapei

Father allegedly throws 3 of his kids off mrr2 bridge before leaping himself | weirdkaya
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