Farmer sells petai by “biji” to help people save during MCO

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Petai, known as the bitter bean, twisted cluster bean, or stink bean can be made into a mouthwatering dish on the table when chilli or sambal is added to it. However, its pungent smell and after-effects of bad breath and smelly urine often frighten many people away from it.

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According to various studies, petai is beneficial for our health. Even the Ministry of Health strongly recommends it in a post where it states that petai isrich in Vitamin C and potassium which helps to balance body fluid levels and promotes heart function. Petai is also well-known for other benefits such as preventing cancer, boosting immunity, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol, aiding weight loss, regulating blood pressure, preventing fatigue, increasing brain power, preventing liver damage, treating depression, supporting nicotine withdrawals, reducing the itchiness of mosquito bites and has an anti-bacterial effect, according to a KL Foodie’s post.

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Farmer sells petai by
The benefits of petai (Photo: Facebook/ Ministry of Health)

For those living in the city, petai may not be easy to get especially now when we cannot spot random petai stalls hanging bunches of the vegetable along the highway. While this has made it equally difficult for petai sellers’ to sell it off, a farmer from Perlis, Rob Machado, came up with a clever method to clear excessive stocks. In his Facebook post, he shows how he sells each petai in individually vacuumed packets to save costs as he was aware of his lack of funds and his customers’ weakening spending power due to MCO. Each is priced at RM0.30 while buying two costs RM0.50.

Postage fee is set at RM8.00 and Machado employs the help of agents to deliver to regions outside of Perlis. His intriguing way of selling petai shored up 1.9K reactions, 2.7k comments and 7.7k shares. Most netizens were tagging friends to share this “phenomenal” way of selling petai.

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In a follow-up post, Machado ranks his petai in four sizes and said the prices are (from big to small) RM0.50, RM0.30, RM0.20 and RM0.05 respectively.

Farmer sells petai by
Petai in four different sizes (Photo: Facebook/ Rob Machado)

Apart from selling petai, he also sells other agricultural products like strawberries, durians too.

Petai being sealed in packets (Video: Facebook/ Rob Machado)

Those interested in buying his products can contact him through the phone number written in the post.

Are you up for some petai? Tell us in the comment section!

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Sources: Facebook/Rob Machado
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