Ex-PM Ismail Sabri Shares His Favourite Sizzling Noodles, Says It Reminds Him Of His Schooling Days

He shares that sizzling noodles at Sogo are nice :)
Did you know Malaysia’s former PM Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri has a comfort food favourite that’s a bit different from the usual? It’s none other than sizzling chicken teppanyaki noodles.

In a cozy corner of Suria KLCC’s bustling food court, former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri was spotted relishing two plates of sizzling chicken teppanyaki noodles, expertly navigating his meal with chopsticks.

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The scene was a delightful showcase of cultural fusion, with Ismail Sabri carefully lifting the steaming noodles to his mouth, an act he shared on Instagram for all to see.

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Taking a break from traditional festive dishes like ketupat, lemang, and rendang during Hari Raya, Ismail Sabri chose to indulge in his childhood favourite.

Ex-pm ismail sabri shares his favourite sizzling noodles, says it reminds him of his schooling days | weirdkaya
Screenshot from IG/ ismailsabri60

“I’ve always been a fan of teppanyaki noodles, often eating them at Sogo, but this time I decided to try them at the food court here in KLCC,” he shared in his post.

The video on his Instagram not only captured him enjoying his meal but also sparked a wave of supportive comments from netizens, echoing his sentiments about the irresistible appeal of chicken teppanyaki noodles.

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