“Reunion Of Ex-Olympians”- Lee Chong Wei Takes A Photo With Jackson Wang & We’re Jealous Already!

Legends in one frame.

Yesterday, badminton legend Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei posted a photo of him with K-pop star Jackson Wang, who was in Malaysia for his Magic Man concert.

In an Instagram post, Lee called Jackson ” the most talented person” he had met and said that his story was an inspiration to all, including him.

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However, he dropped a bombshell with a piece of information that many Malaysians aren’t aware of: Jackson’s actually an ex-Olympian!

Two ex-Olympians, I hold a racquet, he holds a ‘sword’. I now hold baby boys, he holds microphones.

In case you didn’t know, Jackson was actually a fencing pro athlete before venturing into the K-pop industry.

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Social media blog Amino reported that Wang was trained in fencing during his teenage years with his father and made it into Hong Kong’s official junior team as an Olympic-level youth sabre fencer before becoming a singer in 2011.

Jackson wang ex olympian
Photo via SCMP

M’sians absolutely jeles over photo

Needless to say, Malaysians were in awe of the star-studded photo and weren’t sure who to be jealous over.

Lee chong wei takes a photo with jackson wang & we're jealous already!
Lee chong wei takes a photo with jackson wang & we're jealous already!

Many also expressed surprise over Lee’s revelation about Jackson’s Olympic history.

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