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“Everything’s BN’s Fault” — Bung Moktar Frustrated By Current Political Situation

He was shocked that BN was suddenly asked to form the government despite insufficient seats.

Following the king’s decree that all 30 Barisan Nasional (BN) MPs must participate in a unity government, the rakyat has been wondering which coalition it would collaborate with.

This has also caused a headache for BN, who previously have announced that they would act as the Opposition and support neither side.

‘Everything’s BN’s fault’

This sticky situation has not gone down well with Kinabatangan MP Bung Mokta, who voiced his frustration on Twitter.

Bung moktar
Photo via Utusan Malaysia

In the tweet, he expressed his surprise over the Agong’s decree that BN must form a unity government despite the fact that BN only won 30 seats in GE15.

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He also complained over the difficult situation that BN was placed in.

“I’m shocked. BN only won 30 parliamentary seats and suddenly we are involved in forming the government.

It’s difficult for BN if it wins, and BN will be in the wrong if it loses. If BN keeps silent the people will get angry.

Read his tweet here:

Netizens divided

The tweet, which has since garnered 9.8k likes and 4.1k retweets at the time of writing, saw netizens having dividing opinions towards Bung’s statement.

One told Bung to stop complaining and said that it was BN’s fault for the current impasse.

Screenshot via Twitter/@MyKinabatangan

Another condemned him for not understanding how the electoral system works.

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Screenshot via Twitter/@MyKinabatangan

Another urged Bung to solve the issue quickly instead of whining over it.

Screenshot via Twitter/@MyKinabatangan

On the other hand, others blamed Perikatan Nasional (PN) for creating the mess thanks to Muhyiddin’s arrogance.

Screenshot via Twitter/@MyKinabatangan

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