EPF members to receive dividend payment up to age 100

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KUALA LUMPUR – The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has clarified that the maximum age to receive dividend payments stands at 100 years old.

It also issued a statement dismissing rumours spread through WhatsApp which claimed the maximum age had been lowered to 75 years old.

“The messages that claim EPF members will receive dividend payments until they turn 75 is false and outdated.”

This measure was launched after an amendment to the EPF Act 1991, to ensure that members who wish to maintain a portion of their EPF savings after retirement can continue to benefit from the compounding effect of annual dividends until their savings are fully withdrawn.

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“When you’ve reached the maximum age of 100, EPF will inform you before transferring unclaimed savings. Any claim after the transfer can be made through the Registrar of Unclaimed Money,” the statement said.

The EPF also advised its members to be more careful with information received through social media and avoid sharing unconfirmed news.

“We urge everyone to be cautious about misleading or unsubstantiated information received through social media platforms and refrain from circulating them.”

To check the accuracy of information relating to EPF dividends, members may refer to their official website www.kwsp.gov.my or contact them at 03-8922 6000.

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Sources: SinChew Daily

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