[VIDEO] Mana social distancing? Econsave’s soft drinks sale turns into chaotic snap up

Cheap soft drinks > social distancing.

SETIAWAN – Chinese New Year is less than a month away and supermarkets across Malaysia are now having their CNY sale as shoppers throng in to stock up on CNY goodies.

Among all of them, soft drinks are undoubtedly the most important item as it is a must whenever visitors come over for a visit. But are you willing to fight with other shoppers in landing your hands on soft drinks sold at an unbeatable price?

Yesterday, Facebook user Wayne Lee shared a video and a few photos of shoppers jostling with each other to snatch up cartons of Coca Cola and 100 Plus.

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According to the caption, the incident is believed to have taken place at Econsave Setiawan.

A picture shared online showed that a carton of Coca Cola was sold at RM20.88 and a carton of 100 Plus at RM22.88.

Photo via FB/ Inforoadblock

Another video uploaded by Sing Jia also captured shoppers furiously clearing cartons of Coca Cola off the shelves with little regard for the SOPs at an unspecified Econsave outlet.

Buy Coke on sale, free Covid

These scenes have disturbed netizens, who were scratching their heads over the shoppers’ behaviour in securing cheap soft drinks.

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Many were also concerned that it might lead to a new Covid cluster, especially with the Omnicron variant already present within the community.

Photo via FB/ Inforoadblock
Econsave coke cny sale leading to covid cluster
Photo via FB/ Wayne Lee

Some even pointed out the shoppers’ risk of getting diabetes thanks to consuming large amounts of soft drinks.

Photo via FB/ Inforoadblock

A netizen also claimed that it was common to see such behaviour at almost every Econsave outlet.

Photo via FB/ Wayne Lee

Have you bought your groceries for CNY yet? Share with us your must-buy items in the comments!

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Cover image via FB/ Wayne Lee

Editor: Sarah Yeoh