Don’t Know What To Say While Stuck In A Jam? Here Are 4 Conversational Games To Play With Your Partner!

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While taking a road trip with your partner is often romantic and fun, there are times where the air is filled with nothing but silence when you’ve run out of topics to talk about.

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As one who’s experienced such awkward silence before, I went digging around for conversational games to play with my partner and discovered four such games which are perfect for either hectic traffic jams or long drives.

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All set and ready to go? Buckle up and let’s find out!


Don't know what to say while stuck in a jam? Here are 4 conversational games to play with your partner!

To play this game, all you need to do is to come up with a random topic. Once you’ve decided on it, each person has to give an example to top each other off, but slowly.

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Here is an example for the topic “Pet peeves between couples”, and it goes upscale:

A: “When your partner takes the last bite before you do.”

B: “Hmm…what could be more annoying than that? I know! When your partner says that he/she isn’t hungry but eats your food afterwards.”

Give slightly more annoying pet peeves than the last one, but not too much! So in the end you would have a whole tier of pet peeves from the least annoying to the most annoying.

Don't know what to say while stuck in a jam? Here are 4 conversational games to play with your partner!

The slower you escalate/deescalate the “situation”, the more interesting the conversation will be! Feel free to discuss and rearrange the ranking of each answer so that you and your partner can reach a consensus.

Another plus point: you’ll get to know your partners’ red flags and preferences, thus saving you from a possible argument in 3, 2, 1…

Forehead Detective

While the original version requires a card and pen, all you and your partner need to do is to think of a person and take turns asking each other yes/no questions until one of you finds out who the person your partner has in mind.

The person can be a fictional character, a celebrity, or a group of people (occupation, race, nationality). The broader the potential answer is, the harder it is to get the right answer.

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Still not sure how it works? Let this rather gloomy scene from Inglorious Basterds show you how the game is played:

Dubbing Around

We get that it’s frustrating to get stuck in traffic. But instead of moping around, how about playing a round of Dubbing Around for a change?

The rules are quite simple: the entire conversation is revolved around you and your partner playing the role of those you come in contact with.

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It can be recreating the family conversation unfolding in front of you, the child yearning to be a professional gamer while the parents vehemently disagree, or the couple beside you arguing over relationship issues.

While doing so, you also try to be in sync with their body language and facial expressions. Here’s an example of a couple dubbing over two non-playable characters (NPCs) in a game:

I Pun You So Much!

Where there is a will, there is a way, or pun in this case. Find any random words be it a car number plate, road sign or car brand and make it into a punny love confession!

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Not only will this game train you to become a quick-witted jester, it will also allow you to confess your partner with some wheel-ly smooth puns. Okay, I’ll see myself out on this one.

Couple confession pun

That’s all, hope that with our little games, there will be more wonderful car trip to come~

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