“Don’t have to call me father” Comedian Dr. Jason Leong ‘nominates’ himself as the next Prime Minister in latest video

"I will not buy handbags for my wife."

With all the uncertainty surrounding the power vaccuum following former Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s resignation on Monday, a certain comedian has taken the opportunity to market himself for the top job.

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Comedian Dr. Jason Leong recently uploaded a campaign video nominating himself as the next Prime Minister while jokingly offering himself to “save Malaysia. Again”.

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In the four minute video, Dr. Jason laid out a list of “promises” he would fulfil if he to be elected.

In his introductory remarks, he said:

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I crack jokes and handle idiot hecklers for a living, which makes me well suited to function in the Cabinet and Parliament.”

He then proceeded to tell ‘voters’ that they do not have to use affectionate terms to address him.

When I become Prime Minister, you don’t have to refer to me as your ‘Abah’ (father).

As for anti-vaxxers, Dr. Jason proposed a creative form of punishment to deal with them:

I will pass a law where people who refused to get vaccinated will be sentenced to eat Singaporean food for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Jason’s video has since received hundreds of comments, most of which praised his relatable jokes and expressed their support for his “candidacy”.

Cover Images via JasonLeong, Berita Harian and FreeMalaysiaToday

Author: Raymond Chen
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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