M’sian Girl Group DOLLA Performs In China Reality Show, Gains Praise From EXO’s Lay Zhang

They wish to promote M-Pop.

In a stunning display of talent and charisma, the Malaysian girl group DOLLA recently made headlines with their electrifying performance on the Chinese Mango TV program “Show It All.”

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Comprising members Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel, and Syasya, DOLLA has rapidly become a fan favourite, known for their unique blend of talents that seamlessly mix dance, vocals, and stage presence into unforgettable performances.

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Dolla from show it all official weibo
Photo via Weibo/ @百分百出品

“Show It All,” a show produced by Chinese celebrity Lay Zhang, is a competitive platform that showcases the talents of female trainees and girl groups from around the globe. It pits them against each other in a series of performances judged by mentors and the audience.

The inclusion of DOLLA in the show marks their first foray into the Chinese entertainment industry, serving as the international exchange group for the program’s premiere episode.

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The warm reception from Zhang Yixing, the mentors, and the female trainees underscored the excitement surrounding DOLLA’s participation.

In a candid moment, member SyaSya shared her overwhelming excitement upon meeting Zhang Yixing, revealing she was so star-struck that she nearly performed EXO’s hit “Overdose” right then and there.

This anecdote, shared during a post-show interview, highlighted the genuine enthusiasm and mutual respect among the show’s participants.

Since their debut in 2019, DOLLA has been at the forefront of promoting M-Pop (Malaysian-Pop) to a broader audience.

Their mission goes beyond entertainment; it’s about cultural exchange and showcasing the richness of Malaysian talent on the global stage. “But four years later, I dare say we have spread Malaysian-Pop even further. That’s also why we are here,” SyaSya confidently stated.

Fellow member Tabby echoed this sentiment, emphasizing their desire to highlight what makes DOLLA distinct from other girl groups.

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Their performance of the hit song “DAMELO” on “Show It All” garnered a stunning score of 439, a testament to their appeal and talent.

The group also performed two other crowd-pleasers, “CLASSIC” and “BO$$ UP” electrifying the audience and receiving high praise from the show’s judges. This was also their first-ever live stage for “BO$$ UP”.

Lay lauded the group for their “very talented” performance, and mentor Meng Jia likened their stage presence to that of a group that had been performing for a decade. Watch the video here.

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Meng jia praised dolla
“It feels like they’ve debuted for 10 years.” (Screenshot via YT/ Mango TV Idol)

DOLLA’s successful appearance on “Show It All” not only introduced them to a new audience but also marked a significant milestone in their career.

As more viewers tune in to their performances, DOLLA continues to bridge cultural gaps through music, proving that talent knows no boundaries.

Their journey on the show has sparked widespread admiration online, with many netizens expressing their support and anticipation for the group’s future endeavours.

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