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Does Adeline Chang Really Deserve All The Attention She’s Getting?

TLDR: Leave her alone.
(Un)Popular Opinion | As of late, a woman known as Adeline Chang has captivated the realm of social media, not through remarkable achievements but through a series of controversial actions that have drawn significant public scrutiny.

Since last year, Adeline has been at the centre of numerous disputes involving e-hailing drivers, beauty salons, restaurants, and even the police, where she was accused of misconduct and dine-and-dashing, something which she strongly denied.

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She is also known for lodging numerous police reports following these incidents where most would consider her to be the aggressor, leaving netizens amused yet puzzled by her actions.

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Went Viral Again

The spotlight intensified in March of this year when a video post of Adeline requesting to only pay RM5 upfront for an RM14 InDriver ride went viral.

However, in a follow-up post, she stated that she had already paid the driver in cash upon reaching home and lodged a police report for the accusation.

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Another driver who uses various platforms also posted on Facebook claiming he drove Adeline 3-4 times and similar cases happened again and again.

Unlike previous incidents, she was catapulted into Internet fame this time, leading her to be invited to participate in live-streamed sales events, something which has since transformed her into a social media sensation.

One such notable livestream was when Adeline appeared alongside Bryan Wee, another controversial figure. The clip drew tens of thousands of viewers and earned Adeline a juicy RM2,000.
Does adeline chang really deserve all the attention she's getting? | weirdkaya
Photo via Rojaklah

More Controversy

You’d think that Adeline would be more careful in taking care of her newfound fame and public image, but yet, she continues to engage in questionable behavior.

She publicly challenged renowned Malaysian model Amber Chia to apologize for statements Chia had previously made and Chia really did. She also openly disparaged students who did well academically, arguing that scholarly achievements do not equate to social media success.

Adeline gained more attention when police who had formerly handled her case disclosed some of the details when she was at the police station in various Facebook posts.

He recalls arresting Adeline, during which she promised to behave, but instead continued to cause chaos, including inappropriately behaving in the office and spreading false information about the police on Facebook.

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Does adeline chang really deserve all the attention she's getting? | weirdkaya
Photo via Facebook

The policeman expressed frustration over the ongoing disruptions and hopes for Adeline to reform and stop offending people with her remarks.

You urinated on the floor and on my colleague’s chair in my office, which almost drove me to a breakdown.

The plot thickened after Adeline posted a few videos to respond to some of his statements.

Despite her soaring online success, it seemed to have rubbed some the wrong way, with some calling for netizens and other local celebrities to stop giving her clout, saying that there were more beneficial topics to attend to.

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Does adeline chang really deserve all the attention she's getting? | weirdkaya
Photo via Facebook

“Why still sharing?”

Adeline’s rise to online fame raises important questions about the nature of celebrities in the digital age, her story being a testament to the notion that notoriety is another form of fame.

We all know history is littered with stories of individuals who have leveraged controversy to gain prominence, a phenomenon that’s further exacerbated in the era of social media.

However, this trend also poses potential negative impacts, especially for younger audiences who might view such figures as role models.

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While it is clear that Adeline has captivated a significant following, there is a growing chorus of voices questioning the merit of her fame and urging the public to cease amplifying her platform.

Doesn’t Validate Cyberbullying Her

It is crucial, however, to differentiate between valid criticism and unwarranted cyberbullying. If Adeline’s controversial actions are indeed true, appropriate consequences should follow, but this does not justify personal attacks or harassment online.

As we navigate this new terrain of digital celebrity, it’s essential to reflect on the values we champion and the figures we elevate to fame. The case of Adeline underscores the need for a balanced perspective that considers both the allure and the risks of viral fame.

Given the fact that we’re living in an era of digital celebrity, we must consider what and who we glorify. This saga raises critical questions about our collective societal values and the impact of our choices on the cultural landscape.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of WeirdKaya.

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