Disabled M’sian Activist Slams RapidKL Bus For Blocking Her By Parking Behind OKU Parking Spot

She parked in a designated parking bay for disabled drivers (OKU) at the University LRT station.

In an unfortunate incident that underscores the ongoing struggle of the disabled community in Malaysia, former Pakatan Harapan GE15 candidate and neurobiologist Dr Noraisyah Mydin was blocked in by a Rapid KL bus, sparking a 20-minute ordeal in what should have been a quick 5-second drop-off.

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Dr Noraisyah, a dedicated rights activist who herself uses a wheelchair for mobility, narrated her ordeal on Twitter.

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Parked at space designated OKU

She had parked in a designated parking bay for disabled drivers (OKU) at the University LRT station while dropping off a friend, when a Rapid KL bus carelessly parked behind her, leaving her car trapped.

Disabled m’sian activist slams rapidkl bus for blocking her by parking behind oku parking spot
Screenshot via Twitter / abdmydin

“I had to get out of my car @anthonyloke @NgaKorMing and get on my wheelchair and go and find the bus driver and beg him to move his bus when i had rightfully parked at the designated space for OKU drivers,” she tweeted.

Faced with no other choice, Dr Noraisyah had to physically exit her vehicle, get on her wheelchair and seek out the bus driver to resolve the situation.

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This predicament quickly escalated what was meant to be a simple drop-off into an unexpected and unwelcome drama.

In her tweet, she rightfully questioned: “What are my rights as a Malaysian citizen? Should I file a police report?”

She further called out to policymakers, urging for the enforcement of the Persons with Disabilities Act 2008.

In response to Dr Noraisyah’s troubling experience, Rapid KL extended an apology on Twitter, assuring that the matter had been shared with their operation team for a thorough investigation.

They also committed to taking appropriate action against the bus driver in question.

Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated one, and mirrors many of the challenges faced by the disabled community in Malaysia.

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The incident involving Dr Noraisyah not only highlights the plight of disabled individuals in Malaysia but also calls for immediate action, improved infrastructure, and public understanding and respect for the rights of the disabled community.


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