You Can Now Use Debit & Credit Cards To Pay Tolls At Penang Bridge & Enjoy 20% Off If You’re A Penangite

Malaysians living in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have been experiencing a smoother toll payment process by using their debit and credit cards. Now, Penangites can also benefit from this convenient method!

PLUS Malaysia recently announced that the Open Payment System is now available for all at the Penang Bridge Toll Plaza on its official Facebook page last Friday (Mar 15).

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Debit & credit cards can be used at Penang Bridge tolls

According to the post, drivers now have the choice of paying toll fees at the Penang Bridge Toll Plaza using debit and credit cards in addition to the current options of payment via Touch ‘n Go cards and RFID.

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Drivers who prefer using their debit or credit cards can do so at toll booths displaying the MyDebit, Visa, and Mastercard logos.

Various payment terminals at m'sian toll booth
For illustration purposes only. Photo via Head Topics

PLUS Malaysia also announced that the toll booths will feature two terminals, with one designated for Touch ‘n Go payments and the other for transactions involving MyDebit, Visa, or Mastercard.

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For users selecting debit or credit card payment, the toll amount will be deducted directly from the balance in their respective cards.

20% discount for Penangites

Additionally, PLUS Malaysia also announced that those residing, working, or studying in Penang are eligible for a 20% discount when they pay the toll fee at the Penang Bridge Toll Plaza.

Tolls at kl
Photo by WeirdKaya

For private vehicles, this discount applies to road users who utilize RFID, debit or credit cards for payment. Conversely, the discount is applicable for company vehicles that make payment using Touch ‘n Go cards.

To benefit from this 20% discount, eligible Penang residents for both private and company vehicles can apply through the ‘Jimat di Penang’ website.

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