Crow Falls Into Oxtail Soup After Getting Shot In Penang, Shop Suffers RM2K Loss

Bad luck from the sky.
A crow shot by enforcement officers accidentally fell into a freshly prepared pot of oxtail soup, causing significant financial loss to the restaurant owner, who had to discard the entire pot.

A video posted on Facebook by a mutton soup restaurant located in Simpang Ampat shows the rare incident that resulted in a large pot of freshly prepared oxtail soup being ruined in an instant.

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Loss up to RM2000

The twin owners of the restaurant explained that after they had painstakingly prepared the oxtail soup and set it out for sale, a crow shot by enforcement officers fell directly into the pot.

The crow taken out from the soup
Image via FB/TwinCafe Sup88

The video shows officers retrieving the dead crow from the oxtail soup, with the entire scene appearing quite disgusting.

The owners noted that the large pot of oxtail soup was meant to supply customers for the entire day. However, with the crow falling into it, the entire pot had to be discarded, leading to a loss of up to RM2000.

Disposed the whole pot

They explained that the crow’s blood and feathers had spread throughout the soup, necessitating the disposal of the entire pot and a thorough cleaning before they could start cooking again.

Blood spread inside the soup
Image via FB/TwinCafe Sup88

Furthermore, when the officers retrieved the crow’s body from the soup, they dropped it onto the pot’s lid, leaving visible bloodstains and feathers on the lid, which was extremely unpleasant.

The two owners have since approached the government department to seek compensation for the incident, reporting positive negotiations with officials and now awaiting further response.

The video screenshot shows the moment the dead crow is retrieved from the soup, and another shot shows the bloodstains and feathers clearly visible on the pot’s lid, highlighting the disgusting nature of the incident.

Watch the video here:

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