Cooking Oil Prices Remain & Eggs Drop By 3 Sen Despite Diesel Subsidy Removal, Says Fahmi Fadzil

He emphasised that essential goods' prices are being kept low.
The recent removal of the diesel blanket subsidy in Malaysia has sparked concerns about rising prices for goods and services.

To address these worries, Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil assured the public that the removal won’t impact ordinary citizens.

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He emphasized that prices are controlled and subsidies will still be provided through cash aid.

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On his official X (formerly Twitter) account, Fahmi explained that the savings from removing the diesel subsidy for the ultra-rich and smugglers are being redirected to benefit the rakyat.

Companies can still enjoy diesel subsidies at the usual price through Fleet Cards. Individuals will receive subsidies through BUDI MADANI cash aid, providing eligible Malaysians with RM2,400 per year or RM200 per month.

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Price of eggs has decreased by 3 sen

Fahmi highlighted that essential goods’ prices are being kept low, ensuring stability for everyone.

Thanks to these measures, the price of eggs has decreased by 3 sen.

Fahmi also shared a graphic showing the stable prices of essential items, such as palm oil cooking oil, which remains at RM30.90 for 5kg and RM6.90 for 1kg.

The prices of Grade A, B, and C eggs have also decreased by 3 sen each, now costing 42 sen, 40 sen, and 38 sen, respectively.


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