Chinese boy band idol turns out to be a girl, netizens left speechless


Chinese boy band Yiguang Youth League’s (忆光少年团) member, Fu Jiayuan recently admitted that she concealed her gender and joined the boy band show.

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Fu jiayuan(2)
Source: Weibo

The news broke after a Chinese netizen exposed her on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

In reply to the allegations, the 12-year-old idol took to her profile on the platform and explained that she was “young and naive to hide the fact to her company and sorry for hurting her fans’ feeling“.

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Fu jiayuan replies to concern regarding her act_1
Fu: I have never been in a boy band but was a winter camp member. I am a girl and I am sorry for the deception.
Source: Weibo

“I’d like to apologize again,” Fu writes.

Ask for a second chance

In addition, Fu Jiayuan also asked the Chinese netizens for a second chance. She promised that she will do better as the hateful comments is affecting her personal life.

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Fu jiayuan
Source: Weibo

I promise that I will not make any appearance in the entertainment industry or short video platforms in the future,” she added.

Fu’s management company explained that the selection process was conducted online hence their staff didn’t notice her identity.

They also added that although she was a member of the winter camp hosted by the company, the contract had ended a few months before.

‘How did you hide it so well’ – Netizen

In the comment section, Fu’s fans offered forgiveness and comforted her as she was still young. Some still questioned why she would conceal such an important fact.

Good comment(1)

Some netizens also expressed their anger towards Fu’s lie. One criticised her for not thinking ahead, saying that she does not deserve forgiveness.

Negative comment under the comment section of fu jiayuan(2)

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