‘We’re Not Afraid’ — China Press Says It Will Continue On Despite Losing FB Page With 2.5mil Followers

It has also filed an appeal to reverse the ban.
Yesterday afternoon (June 10), one of the largest Chinese media in Malaysia, China Press, had its Facebook page which boasts of 2.5 million followers completely wiped out from existence.

A quick check by WeirdKaya as of the writing of this article has found that China Press’ Facebook page is still being marked as “content not available right now”, signaling that it has yet to be restored.

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China press fb page error message
Screenshot via Facebook

China Press remains defiant

Following the shock disappearance of its Facebook page, China Press’ editor-in-chief Lin Mingbiao (transliteration) confirmed to Malaysiakini that the incident had indeed taken place due to an alleged violation of Facebook’s community guidelines.

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However, it’s not known which post had violated community guidelines, thus triggering the ban.

Despite losing its Facebook page, Lin said China Press will remain firm in its stance to continue operations in the face of this massive setback.

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We remain undeterred and continue to be at the forefront of news. It’s not an incident of disappearance; it’s just a change in how we meet (our readers).

“At the same time, we have taken emergency measures to direct out 2.53 million Facebook followers to our alternative page (https://www.facebook.com/cpjohor). We hope readers will like and continue to support China Press,” he said as quoted by Sin Chew Daily.

Lin added that the company has since filed an appeal and China Press’ daily operations will continue as usual.


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