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Viral China Aunty Is Back With Her Singing, This Time Taking On Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’

The legend's back.
Last week, we wrote of an aunty in China who skyrocketed to fame after a clip of her belting out Ava Max’s ‘Sweet By Psycho’ in her thick Chinese accent went viral on social media.

Following her massive online success, many netizens have been digging into older clips of her singing popular English tunes, including this classic song by pop superstar Taylor Swift.

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China aunty sings 'love story'
Screenshot via TikTok/@lucas4357450

China aunty sings Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ confidently

In a 50-second TikTok clip shared by @lucas4357450 a week ago, it showed the aunty dressed in a white dress and walking dreamily at a garden.

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As she continued to walk and sway to the fairytale-like tune, the aunty confidently sang the entire verse and chorus despite a slight mistiming and having some difficulties pronouncing certain words.

But we definitely have to give it to her for being able to keep her composure the entire time cause we could never!

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China aunty sings taylor swift's song in public
Screenshot via TikTok/@lucas4357450

And it was clear that the Internet loved her singing because the clip has garnered 2.3 million views.

Who is this aunty?

Southern Metropolis Daily later tracked down the aunty behind the viral video and it was revealed that she was a 60-year-old woman named Li De Ru.

According to the Chinese daily, Li was encouraged by her friends to create her own social media accounts, which she did so along with posting more than 30 songs online.

Li said that she sings using Chinese characters while incorporating English, Mandarin, and Teochew words to assist in her pronunciation.

She also added that her goal is to sing at least 100 English songs and hopes she will be able to communicate with foreigners in English.

Aside from English, I can also sing in Japanese, Thai, and Italian. I hope that one day I’ll be able to perform on a bigger stage in the future so that I can spread joy with my singing,” she said.

Watch her sing ‘Love Story’ here:

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@lucas4357450 潮汕老阿姨獻唱霉霉經典歌曲,願每個人都能找到自己的“love story”,享受那份永恆的甜蜜😘😘 #英文翻唱 #散装英语 #翻唱歌曲 #cover #英文歌 ♬ 原聲 – 明道明道明天才會到(娛樂版)
If you haven’t seen her sing ‘Sweet But Psycho’ yet, here it is:

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