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CCIDA Unveils Plan for Hong Kong Fashion Design Week and TV/Film Co-productions

Kuala Lumpur, July 9, 2024 — The Cultural and Creative Industries Development Agency (CCIDA), formerly known as Create Hong Kong, an office established by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to promote creative industries, launched a groundbreaking fashion extravaganza with the inaugural Hong Kong Fashion Design Week (HKFDW).

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This flagship initiative aims to showcase Hong Kong’s vibrant fashion and clothing industry. Starting in 2024, HKFDW will be an annual event, consolidating various fashion design events held in Hong Kong throughout the year and infusing them with innovative elements and exciting affiliate activities.

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CCIDA also introduced the CreateSmart Initiative — Television Variety Programme, a new scheme to support Hong Kong’s television stations in co-producing variety programmes with their counterparts in other Asian countries.

This initiative aims to foster cross-cultural collaboration and unlock new opportunities for Hong Kong’s creative industries on a global stage.

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To broaden the reach of HKFDW and TV/Film Co-productions, CCIDA embarked on a targeted Asian tour, beginning with a visit to Bangkok, Thailand, led by Mr Victor Tsang, Commissioner for Cultural and Creative Industries.

Building on this success, a dedicated team led by Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-Hung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, HKSAR, Mr Owin Fung, JP, Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Singapore, and Mr Gary Mak, Assistant Commissioner for Cultural and Creative Industries, visited Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for high-level meetings with journalists and representatives from Malaysia’s film and fashion industries to introduce the programme details.

Taking Hong Kong Fashion Design to New Heights

HKFDW was first announced in the HKSAR Chief Executive’s 2023 Policy Address, outlining an ambitious plan to enhance the influence of Hong Kong’s fashion design on the global stage and position the city as “a prime destination for major cultural and creative events.”

As stated in the 2024-2025 Budget, the HKSAR Government envisioned “an Asian fashion design mega event introducing Hong Kong’s fashion design brands internationally.”

Spearheaded by CCIDA, in collaboration with leaders and trendsetters from Hong Kong’s fashion industry, HKFDW aims to foster a vibrant ecosystem for creativity, business development, and cultural exchange.

This mega-event built on CCIDA’s successful track record of supporting prestigious fashion events, including CENTRESTAGE, one of Asia’s largest fashion showcases, the Fashion Summit (Hong Kong), a key driver of sustainable fashion in the region, and Fashion Asia Hong Kong, which united designers, leaders, and professionals from the global fashion industry to inspire collaboration and creativity.

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Uniting established and emerging designers, international buyers, and fashion enthusiasts, HKFDW promised a dynamic programme filled with runway shows, industry talks, and networking opportunities.

HKFDW served as a platform for creative expression, allowing local designers to showcase their unique perspectives and cultural narratives on the world stage.

A Platform for East-meets-West Centre for International Cultural Exchange and Global Recognition

HKFDW aspires to be a vibrant platform fostering collaboration, innovation, and business opportunities beyond the fashion industry. HKFDW aims to solidify Hong Kong’s position as a global fashion hub and an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange by connecting local talent with international players.

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Leveraging Hong Kong’s unique position as an East-meets-West centre for international cultural exchange and a key player in the Belt and Road Initiative, HKFDW strategically targeted new markets in Mainland China, Belt and Road (B&R) countries, the Middle East, Europe, and beyond.

This strategic expansion aimed to elevate HKFDW’s status and solidify Hong Kong’s standing as a truly international fashion centre. Ultimately, HKFDW sought to build strong partnerships with the fashion industry in China and B&R countries, promoting the event globally.

HKFDW promised to be a landmark event, ushering in a new era for Hong Kong’s fashion scene. It embodied the HKSAR Government’s commitment to nurturing the city’s creative industries and establishing Hong Kong as a global fashion, culture, and tourism hub.

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CCIDA looked forward to welcoming industry leaders, fashion enthusiasts, and the general public to experience the magic of HKFDW.

Eye on Hong Kong’s Pop Culture on Global Stage

Established by the HKSAR Government in 2009 and administered by CCIDA, the CreateSmart Initiative (CSI) provided financial support to develop creative industries, enhancing Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s Creative Capital.

CSI recognised the immense potential of Hong Kong’s pop culture. Through co-productions involving Hong Kong and Asian partners, it aims to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for the industry and its surrounding businesses.

The Co-Production of Television Variety Programme offered a three-pronged approach:

  • Promoting Pop Culture: The programme collaborates with established broadcasters across Asia to showcase new entertainment content to a wider audience and foster a deeper appreciation for Asia’s creative energy.
  • Expanding Market Opportunities: Co-productions open access to new markets, increasing commercial opportunities and potential for merchandising and other ventures.
  • Nurturing Future Talent: Collaboration with regional partners provides valuable learning and exchanging experiences for creative professionals to be more culturally sensitive to audiences.

Comprehensive Support for Co-Production

The Co-Production of Television Variety Programme leveraged CCIDA’s various entities to provide comprehensive support for these co-productions.

With the ambition to build a “filmtastic” Hong Kong, the Film Services Office (FSO) offered a wealth of resources to navigate film production logistics and regulations in location shooting.

The FSO provided a comprehensive directory of locations, cross-disciplinary services, and assistance in applying for various permits and location forms relating to film and television production.

Such empowering support contributed to the success of recent local productions like “A Guilty Conscience” and “Times Still Turns the Pages.” The Special Effects Licensing Unit ensured adherence to safety standards for special effects implementation in Hong Kong.

Funding Opportunities

To foster cultural exchange and increase visibility for these collaborations in both Asian and international film markets, CCIDA offered substantial financial backing for Hong Kong’s filmmakers seeking co-production ventures.

The Hong Kong-Asian Film Collaboration Funding Scheme subsidised co-productions involving Hong Kong’s filmmakers and their counterparts from other Asian countries, optimising exposure of such collaborations in Asian and international markets and promoting in-depth exchanges and mutual learning.

The scheme aimed to enhance international exposure and cultural exchange through collaborative projects of feature-length narrative films and animation projects.

The scheme selected up to 8 film projects, with each approved project receiving up to HK$9 million (approximately 5.2 million MYR) to cover its entire production.

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