Can You Imagine Ayda Teleporting Herself Into Different Dimensions Just To Find A Perfect Family? From Wanting To Be Kool To Being A Cat, She Learns Gratitude The Hard Way

Wow, too many dimensions and Ayda had to become a cat?
Can you picture waking up on Eid morning, and bam! Snow’s falling outside?! Crazy, right? I bet it’d freak everyone out, not just us. Aunties would be rallying for repentance prayers in no time!

Well, that’s what Ayda Jebat experienced when she suddenly could teleport to a different dimension! She was shocked, you can’t blame her and who wouldn’t be surprised, right? And suddenly, there was this one particular dimension called ‘Sempurr-na, where Ayda, Papa, Mama, Atuk and Nenek became cats! What in the meow?

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If you want to know what happened, you have to watch this video!

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Ohh…No wonder, Ayda always keeps us on our toes! Imagine her stressing about snow  in Malaysia and then being cats  out of the blue… But hey, she’s been all over the place this Eid, right? So, why the sudden teleportation spree? That’s the million-dollar question!

FYI, this Raya ad by Watsons, performed by the talented Ayda Jebat and featuring a star-studded lineup including Catriona Ross, Nazrudin Rahman, Ropie, Angelina Tan, Sabri Yunus, Coex, and Nadhir Nasar, is guaranteed to be a hit!

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If you’re up for some excitement and want to dive into Ayda’s lively Eid adventures, you gotta binge-watch those 4 sequel videos from Watsons right now. Trust us, you won’t be able to stay seated!

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