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I Started Making Videos Because I Hated My Voice. Now 55k Followers Listen To My Content On IG

This M'sian student, studying in Spain, uses social media to inspire others as he follows his passion.
For those who love cinematic reels and inspiring content, you might have stumbled upon videos from this rising Malaysian content creator in your Instagram explore feed.

Known as busypang on IG, last September, he wasn’t just any ’10k-follower content creator’ but appeared more like a normal lad documenting his life online like many others.

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I started making videos because i hated my voice. Now 55k followers listen to my content on ig | weirdkaya
Screenshot via Instagram/@busypang

However, for 23-year-old Pang Jing Xian, the number growth means little if it’s not about the journey, self-discovery, and truly doing what he loves, inspiring others to grow together.

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From Johor to Spain

At the age of 15, Pang, who hails from Johor, transferred to Foon Yew High School Kulai, a place well known for its strong academic performance.

During his final year of high school, Pang placed his focus on electrical and electronic engineering (E&E) because he wasn’t interested in history and didn’t get the chance to be enrolled into the science stream.

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However, he later realised it wasn’t the right fit for him either, so he set his eyes on business-related courses to pursue in university.

He eventually found himself travelling thousands of miles to Spain, where he first explored the option of studying there during an education fair with a friend.

“What caught my attention was the affordability of Spanish universities, which cost around 800 euros (approx. RM4,100) for two semesters for a degree in Business Administration and Management.

Spending a lot of money on education is a luxury. I don’t take it for granted that my parents pay my tuition fees,” he said.

Unexpected global lockdown

After paying for all of the necessary fees, Pang embarked on his journey to Spain in January 2020, where he was eager to immerse himself in a new culture and learn Spanish.

Little did he know that an unprecedented global lockdown was about to unfold, taking the world (and his) by storm.

“When the pandemic first came, my friend and I were torn over whether to return to Malaysia or not. In the end, I chose to return home but it cost me 3,000 euros (approx. RM15,400) as airports began shutting down.

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When I landed at KLIA at 11pm, I found it eerily empty— which was a vivid reminder of the unexpected turns life can take.

Pang’s challenges didn’t stop there. Upon his return to Malaysia, he had to struggle with mastering a new language via online classes and with no supportive environment.

Stepping out of his comfort zone

You’d think Pang’s a sociable person in general, but according to him, that wasn’t the case at all during his brief time in Spain.

Although there was a group of Malaysians in Spain, Pang was hesitant in opening up to them as he held the notion that people “come and go” from one’s life.

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I didn’t reach out to anyone, which left me feeling lonely despite being surrounded by many people. I realized that to make friends, I needed to be proactive in meeting others.

“The lesson was clear: if you’re among many but still friendless, the issue likely lies within.”

Thanks to Covid-19, Pang realised that time was truly limited and underwent a complete transformation from someone who used to avoid talking to people to one who has no problems talking to others.

Inspired & encouraged by family

Pang had always dabbled in making videos, merging YouTube clips long before, adoring capturing moments—perhaps too much—filling two hard disks with footage.

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However, his sister was largely the one who prodded him to go even further, where she remarked, “Why not document your life? Studying abroad in Spain is a unique experience after all.”

This idea was also supported by Pang’s girlfriend, who noted that he had never produced any videos in Mandarin.

He then initiated a 7-day challenge, where he pored into his hard disk archives with the goal of producing seven episodes.

“I was only thinking about what I’d do for the next seven days without any real plan in mind. But as I kept going, the ideas just flowed, and I ended up writing scripts for over 30 days in a single day. I never expected that continuing in this way would lead to anything significant.”

He also holds gratitude for his brother, his pillar of support, who once said:

See what you have now and create things from scratch. The camera doesn’t fulfill your story; your ideas do. You can still get the camera you want, but please stay present and create with what you have now.”

I started making videos because i hated my voice. Now 55k followers listen to my content on ig | weirdkaya
Pang is very grateful for his supportive family.
Photo via Instagram/@busypang

Thanks to his family’s encouragement and Pang’s dedication, he has since created over 100 episodes and garnered 55,000 followers in less than six months – a significant jump from just 1,325 followers when he aired the first episode.

“Isn’t it cringe to post something like this online?”

While Pang has created numerous videos, the one thing many find hard to believe is that he actually dislikes his voice and feels uncomfortable talking in front of the camera.

However, he has turned this discomfort into motivation as he understands that only by confronting these issues can he truly overcome them.

Whenever I finish a video, I’d sometimes cringe within. Even now, that feeling hasn’t disappeared. If I were to watch those 100+ episodes, I’d want to scrap many of them.

“I admit that the urge to delete cringe-worthy content is a natural reaction, but I also recognise that giving in to that impulse means that I’m running away from the problem. If you always run away, you’ll find yourself facing an endless cycle of ‘next times’.”

Is the grass really greener elsewhere?

For Pang, the answer to this question doesn’t solely depend on the location but on whether one wishes to follow their passions and individual skills.

Instead of drawing comparisons fueled by preconceived notions, he believes in taking initiative and starts where one can. But he believes that the environment indeed shapes one’s life.

“Spain is a very laidback place where nobody minds what you’re doing. I can freely film my life however I want and nobody will be bothered by it.”

When asked whether he’d do the same if he was in Malaysia, Pang paused for a moment and replied:

“It’s a good question. The fear of being laughed at is real. I’ve been there too. You have more friends and acquaintances who might judge you compared to being in a place where nobody knows you.

But instead of worrying if others might laugh at you, the real question is this: does doing it make you happy?

For those who are always confused about whether to start pursuing their passion, Pang’s advice is that the beginning is always the hardest. You can start with whatever you have, and the process will guide you.

Even if you lack support initially, you will eventually find your audience – those who truly understand and appreciate your work.

In both content creation and life, you draw in people who mirror your own character.”

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