Beauty guru shares her personal insights on Malaysia’s facial industry and the maskne problem

Ask the pros.

With mask-wearing slowly being incorporated into our lives as part of the new norm, it has now given rise to a worrying skin condition called ‘maskne’ – yes, it’s literally a combination of the words ‘mask’ and acne’!

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That being said, how many times have you paid a facial care specialist a visit to keep your skin smooth and healthy?

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Let’s hear from Ivy, a beauty guru at VIYA’S, a professional cosmeceutical centre located at One Utama on how to keep your skin free from ‘maskne’!


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A people-centric career

To start things off, Ivy shared why she considered expanding her career in the beauty industry.

In my humble opinion, I believe this sector is a great field for the creatives.

It’s also one of few industries where an individual is never likely to get bored with a job that involves their creativity in helping people regain their natural beauty with zero downtime.

She also said that she has found tremendous satisfaction from helping customers fortify their self-confidence by analysing their skin’s condition and providing practical solutions in tackling common skin problems.

Portrait of young asian woman having acne problem. | children's skin center  pa
Photo from childrensskincenter

Navigating through challenging times

According to Ivy, one of the beauty industry’s strengths is its ability to rapidly evolve and adapt to changing trends – and this was no different when the pandemic landed on Malaysia’s shores.

“Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have been forced to adapt and shift to online platforms in order to remain competitive.

“This has also led a significant number of stress factors being placed on retailers as they struggle to stay afloat.

As such, we have created our very own e-commerce platform (https://viyas.com.my) for our customers to order their products online and mantain their sublime natural beauty from home.

Beauty guru shares her personal insights on malaysia's facial industry and the maskne problem | weirdkaya
Photo by VIYA’S Malaysia

‘Maskne struggles are real’

As part of global efforts to flatten the curve and break the chain of Covid-19 infection, many are now required to wear a face mask whenever they’re outside.

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However, this has also taken a toll on some individuals’ faces, where patches of acne break out while putting on a mask.

Ivy says that this condition is a result of long-term irritation against the skin’s surface along with Malaysia’s humid weather.

‘Maskne’ occurs when the humid and occlusive environment inside the mask combines with friction, trapping moisture released from breathing, talking or sweating.

“It also encompasses other skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and folliculitis,” she explains.

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To address this problem, she suggests changing face masks every four hours, avoiding applying makeup, and undergoing a thorough skincare routine.

So…which is the one for me?

When it comes to choosing the “right” kind of skincare products, Ivy says that it’s important to note that the skin is a living thing, not a machine that operates on a one-size-fits-all solution.

“There are a variety of affordable skincare products that contain ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid and zinc which are specially formulated to target certain skin conditions

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“But there is also a tendency to go overboard and combine the wrong ingredients. While some do work harmoniously, others may negate their intended functions or damage your skin even further.

“Therefore, customized skincare products not only require proper understanding of the ingredients but also wide experience in handling problematic skin types,” she says.

At VIYA’S, we provide quality medical grade treatment, cosmeceutical skincare and dedicated services to define your beauty life. Rest assured that the alternative solutions have no downtime and is painless while treating and healing your skin the natural way.

Beauty guru shares her personal insights on malaysia's facial industry and the maskne problem | weirdkaya
Photo by VIYA’S Malaysia

We often get asked “why we used lots of brightening products but didn’t see the results.” Well, before you give up, I would love to suggest people who have been looking for suitable products to give VIYA’S Hydro Protective essence a try.

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Want to know more about how to take better care of your skin? Head over to VIYA’S at One Utama or chat with their specialist at https://viyas.com.my!

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