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Balenciaga’s Selling An RM8k Trash Bag That Looks Like…Trash

Stay thrashy.

It’s time to get classy with trash because Balenciaga just rolled out its latest and possibly most outrageous product — a trash bag. Yes, you read that right.

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Aptly named the “Trash Pouch”, this product is hugely inspired by, you’ve guessed it, a trash bag and was part of the luxury brand’s Autumn/Winter 2022 show runway back in March.

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Made from calfskin leather with a glossy coating, the trash bag comes in a total of four colours: all-black, white-and-red, yellow-and-black and blue-and-black.

The price? Well, it’s definitely going to make you want to throw your expensive thrash with it as it costs a whopping S$1,790 (RM7977.85)!

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Bag gets trashed talked

In a now-viral Instagram post by @highsnobiety, netizens were horrified that such a thrashy-looking thrash bag could be sold at such a price.

“I got 40 of those (bags) under my sink,” wrote one.

Balenciaga's selling an rm8k trash bag that looks like... Trash comment 1
Screenshot via Instagram/@highsnobiety

“Whoever buys this needs to be thrown out in it,” another wrote. *Marie Kondo approves*

Balenciaga's selling an rm8k trash bag that looks like... Trash comment 2
Screenshot via Instagram/@highsnobiety

Despite the trashy talk that the bag was subjected to, it didn’t faze Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia at all.

I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”, he reportedly told Women’s Wear Daily.

Gvasalia was also responsible for being the brains behind the notorious blue Ikea lookalike bag, where it was sold for $2,145 (RM9560.05) per unit in 2017.

Watch a preview of Balenciaga’s Winter 22 Collection here:

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Back in March, Balenciaga stirred uproar online for designing a bag that looked exactly like Tesco’s plastic bag:

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Cover image via New York Post

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