“Ask another department!” Flood victim ignored by government officials

Honestly, who needs the government anymore?

After getting hit by a once in a hundred-year flood, many victims could be seen voicing their disappointment and anger at the government’s delayed response to dispatch aid.

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Yesterday, a victim from Shah Alam Taman Sri Muda’s heavy disaster-stricken area, Allen Chee, took to Facebook to share his experience during the flood.


The victim has great spirit during the disaster (Photo via FB/Allen Chee)

Under the #RakyatJagaRakyat movement, citizens looked after each other during the calamity. Allen was a witness to these acts of kindness.

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“With only a metal chair to stand on, a victim was stranded in the flood. Those nearby flashed their lights while calling for help, hoping to catch the attention of any neighbouring boats.”

Luckily the man was rescued in time.

On Sunday, a rescue boat came around to distribute supplies and evacuate victims.

(Photo via FB/Allen Chee)

There was a boat for bread, a boat for nasi lemak, a boat for fried rice and bihun, and even a boat for beverages. For a moment, I felt like I was in the Thailand water market.

Local folks use all sorts of methods to deliver the necessities. They would offer their own ration when they came by households with elderly people.

The people are creative with the way to transport their goods. (Photo via FB/Allen Chee)

Though these people were stranded on roof tops, they did not let the natural disaster dampened their spirits.

You can hear people singing across the flooded streets, chatting with passers-by crossing the water, etc. There were even fireworks at night!

Shah alam flood fishing
Allen’s uncle tried to fish during the flood. (Photo via FB/Allen Chee)

Government officials lack planning

After Allen was rescued by a volunteer to a disaster relief centre, he tried reaching out to official rescue departments for help for a family that was trapped.

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“I asked the military, they ask me to contact NADMA, then the Nadma told me to call Bomba, and then I waited in a long queue for my turn at the Bomba’s call centre.”

In the end, Allen gave up and brought the matter up to the volunteers. Thankfully, they were quick to his aid as all 7 people from the family were brought to safety.

Shah alam flood military boat
The government has much better facilities than the volunteer. (Photo via FB/Allen Chee)

“The official has better facility and resource, but they lack planning and spirit.”

Allen described in his post that while government officials later offered a lot of help, their working spirit was as if they are trying to get a pass in an exam.

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“The volunteer on the other hand really gave everything they got and execute their task more efficiently.”

Allen wrote at the end of the post that he hope everyone can get through this together and he was glad that many victims can still stay positive throughout the tragedy.

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Cover image via FB/Allen Chee

Editor: Sarah Yeoh

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