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Applicant mistakenly sends internship CV and BF’s “Sayang” message to her future boss’ email

A for effort, F for execution.

As students, we are often faced with the daunting task of having to “sell” ourselves to prospective employers in order to net an internship opportunity with the company by drafting a well-crafted CV.

Unfortunately for this Business Administration (BA) graduate, she may have destroyed her sole chance of landing an internship due to her carelessness.

In a tweet posted by Aznam (@nikakmal100), he shared how the applicant had sent a formal request to join his company as an intern to his email address but forgot that she had included her boyfriend’s forwarded message in it too. #ggwp

If this has gotten you fearing for her, wait till you read what was actually written in it:

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Applicant mistakenly sends internship cv and bf's
Screengrab via twitter @nikakmal00

Sayang, here is your resume. Let me know if it needs further changes. I love you! Muahh!! 😘😘😘

While Aznam was amused by the honest mistake, he wrote that it was an example of shoddy work and advised others not to emulate this applicant as it would leave a bad impression on prospective employers.

Read the tweet here:

Like that also can?

The tweet, which subsequently went viral, has garnered 10k retweets and 16k likes within one day alone along with numerous comments from netizens.

One netizen who worked in the Human Resources (HR) Department, shared how she deals with such applications submitted by candidates.

“As someone from the HR line of work, I have such received resumes/CVs via email before. If the candidate is good, I will call him/her for an interview. After the interview, I’ll either draw a smiley face or constructive feedback as a point of reference for the candidate. It’s normal for young kids like them.”

Applicant mistakenly sends internship cv and bf's
Screengrab via twitter @nikakmal00

Another wrote, “Aside from teaching students how to write official letters, teachers should start teaching them about the ethics and methods in sending official emails.”

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Applicant mistakenly sends internship cv and bf's
Screengrab via twitter @nikakmal00

Aznam later posted another tweet, where he shared how a couple applied for a internship position at his company together through one single email.

We ended up only hiring the lady but not the man. He even called to ask why he was rejected. Moral of the story: these people need extra guidance.

What were some of the internship horror stories that you’ve heard or been through? Share with us in the comments!

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