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Anwar Slams MPs Who Claim To Be B40 But Earn RM10K Monthly

"Which continent are they from?"
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has stood firm in support of the government’s plan to change targeted subsidies and pensions, despite facing opposition from some members of parliament.
Anwar ibrahim
Photo via Fb/Anwar Ibrahim

Expressing his frustration with critics, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim rebuked those who questioned the necessity of rationalising subsidies, particularly targeting members who claimed to belong to the bottom 40 (B40) income group despite earning tens of thousands of ringgit, reported NST.

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During a speech at the Finance Ministry’s monthly meeting, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim expressed surprise at the objections, asking where such dissenting opinions originated.

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“Which continent are they from? I’m not saying that I’m perfect and I’m trying to correct the past mistakes. I have never denied that we’re still facing the cost of living challenges but we’re doing our best (and) fighting cartels.”

He stressed the importance of correcting past mistakes while recognising the ongoing struggle to manage living costs.

Some are okay with giving up or reducing pension benefits

The Economy Ministry recently said it will show a new plan for targeted subsidies to the cabinet soon. This shows they’re taking action to tackle social and economic gaps.

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Additionally, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim reiterated his intention to review the pension system, including politicians in the process. However, this idea has caused differing opinions among stakeholders, including elected officials.

Some politicians are okay with giving up or reducing their pension benefits to support the changes, but others strongly disagree. Those against it say they deserve good pay for their work, highlighting how complicated pension reform can be.

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