“Anwar, Ambik Gambar”- Young Boy Casually Orders Anwar To Take Selfie With Him, Netizens Amused


A viral clip showed a young boy jostling his way to Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim among a crowd just to get a photo with him.

When the young boy successfully stood beside the Prime Minister with his phone’s front camera ready, without a second thought, he wanted Anwar to be inside his selfie.

The kid looks fearless and not shy at all when asking the prime minister to take a photo with him.

At his request, the prime minister smiled at the camera.

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Anwar seemed impressed and pleased by the child’s courage in asking for a photograph in the midst of a large crowd trying to take a photo with him too.

At the end of the video, the kid said he was happy to be able to take a photo with the prime minister.

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Called the prime minister like your own friend

Many were amused by how straightforwardly the young boy addressed the prime minister and asked for a photo.

“The young boy is so cute.”

The boy thought the prime minister was his friend.”

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