Transport Minister Anthony Loke Promises ‘Big Change’ In Quality Of JPJ Road Tax Stickers

No more sticky windshields!

Every Malaysian driver would have definitely gone through the yearly annoyance of having to peel off the road tax stickers as cleanly as possible, but often without much success.

Jpj road tax sticker
Photo via Kimberly Low

Fortunately, there’s potential good news as Transport Minister Anthony Loke announced that “big changes” will be made to the quality of road tax stickers. Hooray!

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JPJ road tax stickers quality to be improved

In a Facebook post uploaded yesterday, Loke said that he had a meeting with the management of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) about its plans for 2023.

Among them included implementing digitalisation in its core services such as licensing of vehicles and drivers, and strengthening the enforcement of road regulations.

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Anthony loke meets with jpj
Photo via FB/Anthony Loke

He then went on to address the issue of road tax stickers, which have caused much

I know that many have complained about quality of road tax stickers. This issue is in our attention and a big change will be implemented this year.

“Any implementation of new initiatives will be planned properly and I will make announcements when full preparation is made,” he said.

Anthony loke meets with jpj
Photo via FB/Anthony Loke

Loke added that JPJ aims to make things simpler for Malaysians so that they don’t have to waste time queuing up in long lines, which brings much hassle for them.

Read the post here:

From day one, Loke has been conducting spot-checks at various public facilities, with the latest being at KLIA2:

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