After spam messages and prank emails, MySejahtera users are now getting Rickrolled

Rick Astley won't but MySejahtera be letting us down.

KUALA LUMPUR – MySejahtera users have complained in recent days about receiving spam messages containing one-time-passwords (OTP) they never requested for and prank emails scaring them into thinking they had contracted Covid-19.

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Users receiving spam emails from mysejahtera helpdesk
Image via: Twitter/@fahmi_fadzil

Local journalist @HareshDeol, who’s also the Deputy President of the National Press Club of Malaysia, uploaded a collage of screenshots on Twitter showing the sheer number of Malaysians facing the same issue.

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And if this wasn’t enough, users are now facing a new kind of harassment – emails containing a picture of singer Rick Astley from his smash hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” video.

Mysejahtera users getting rick rolled
Image via: Twitter/@fahmi_fadzil

KKM: Database remains secure

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has since released an official statement yesterday (Oct 20), confirming that the issue was due to the misuse of the application’s API (Application Program Interface) to blast spam messages to users.

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An API refers to the coding platform that allows two software programmes to communicate with each other.

However, they assured that the database remains safe and no personal data was leaked after conducting an internal investigation.

The MySejahtera team has also responded, saying that they have disabled the API’s end points allowing the app to send out OTPs on its behalf.

“Certainly didn’t let me down”

As for users getting Rickrolled via email, neither the MOH nor the MySejahtera team have responded to the issue at the time of writing.

On Twitter, netizens were amused by the usage of the vintage tune, with one commenting, “It certainly didn’t let me down”.

Comments to rick rolled email
A 9 year old did this

Did you receive such emails and messages as well? Share with us in the comments!

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Author: Grace Choong
Proofreader: Sarah Yeoh

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