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Abang Bomba Saves Cat From Drowning Under Penang Bridge Captures Hearts

Kindness in every form is love.

In a remarkable turn of events during a Search and Rescue (SAR) operation on December 21, 2023, for victims who had fallen off the Penang Bridge, members of the Penang Fire and Rescue Department (PPDA) or what locals always call ‘abang bomba’ demonstrated compassion by rescuing a stranded cat before continuing their mission.

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The operation, led by Fire Officer PBK II Khairul Nizam bin Abu Hassan, commenced at 3:28 pm with four PPDA members.

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Abang bomba saves cat from drowning

As they began their initial search for the accident victims in the vicinity of the Penang Bridge, they stumbled upon a unique situation — a cat perilously attempting to climb the bridge’s pillar platform.

Bomba in attempt to save the cat that was floating at the penang bridge
Screenshot via TikTok/@johnlabu306

Without hesitation, the PPDA team prioritized the feline’s safety, temporarily shifting their focus to rescue the stranded cat.

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After a successful intervention, the cat received necessary treatment and was safely transported back to PPDA Merin Butterworth Jetty.

The incident gained widespread attention after a TikTok video posted by user @johnlabu306 went viral, amassing an impressive 913k views.

The black and white spotted cat is rescued from the waters by the firefighters
Screenshot via TikTok/@johnlabu306

The 24-second clip captured the black-and-white striped cat struggling in the water under the Penang Bridge. The video showcased the firefighters’ valiant efforts as they utilised their boat to retrieve and save the distressed cat.

Speaking to WeirdKaya, @johnlabu306, also known as Khairul, shared that the cat is in good condition. After rescuing the cat, Khairul and his team promptly bathed it and provided food.

“The cat is doing well; after the rescue, we immediately bathed and fed it.”

When questioned about the circumstances leading to the rescue, Khairul explained that he wasn’t certain, as it occurred during a mission to save a drowning victim. While engaged in the rescue operation, they observed the cat struggling to swim and desperately clinging to reach pillar platform number 68.

“During our efforts to save a drowning victim, we noticed the cat fighting for its life, struggling to swim and clinging desperately to reach pillar platform number 68.”

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‘The cat will save you in the afterlife’

Witnessing the rescue operation, viewers flooded the comment section with relief for the cat’s safety and appreciation for the kindness exhibited by the PPDA officers.

Abang bomba saves cat from drowning under penang bridge captures hearts comment 1
Screenshot via TikTok/@johnlabu306

One user expressed, “How kind humans are. Even cats get to be saved.”

Abang bomba saves cat from drowning under penang bridge captures hearts comment 2
Screenshot via TikTok/@johnlabu306

Another heartfelt comment read, “Thank you, sir, for saving the cat. If God wills, the cat will save you in the afterlife.”

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You can watch the full clip here:

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