64yo M’sian Man Earns Up To RM6K Monthly By Livestreaming PUBG

In a world where stereotypes often cast gamers as lazy and unproductive, this one Malaysian man has changed the misconception and shows that gaming isn’t just a waste of time.

A 64-year-old senior citizen, Radhuan Othman revealed that he earns up to RM6,000 monthly by livestreaming PUBG on TikTok.

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64yo earns RM6K through live streaming

Msian man with his gaming setup
Photo via Harian Metro

According to Harian Metro, Pak Dhuan explained that his journey started when he became fascinated by the world of technology and captivated by the innovation in the video games.

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He mentioned that initially, he had an interest in carpentry but later shifted to video games before the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced.

“I have always been interested in new technology, but it was during the MCO that I really got into gaming seriously,” he said.

For illustrative purposes only. Photo via Redbull

Turned passion into profit

Inspired by the potential of livestreaming platforms like TikTok, he saw an opportunity to turn his passion into a source of income.

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“After doing livestreaming on TikTok, I got the idea to turn my new hobby into an additional source of income,” he shared.

And in just one month, he pocketed up to RM6,000 from his livestreams. With his earnings, he began upgrading his computer setup, making his gaming experience even better.

Time management is the key

His dedication to gaming is evident as he spends a minimum of three hours and a maximum of six hours daily immersed in the world of PUBG Mobile.

While some might question the time spent on gaming, Pak Dhuan balances his gaming sessions with quality time spent with his family during the day.

“Usually, I start playing between 9pm and 5am, and during the day, I spend time with my family,” he said.

He even received an award

But Pak Dhuan’s commitment to gaming goes beyond mere entertainment. His talent and dedication were recognised when he was honored as one of the Top 10 Ellando Agency TikTok Live Performance Appreciation Awards 22/23.

Despite his success, this man remains grounded, emphasising that his primary intention is not addiction but rather earning a halal income while entertaining his audience.

Pak Dhuan’s story proves that gaming isn’t just a pastime but a platform for personal growth and financial opportunity.

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