60-Year-Old M’sian Becomes The First Sarawakian To Conquer Mount Everest

Strength and determination!
Wong Su Chung, 60, returned to Miri yesterday (25 May) to a hero’s welcome after becoming the first Sarawakian to conquer Mount Everest, according to The Borneo Post.

He reached the peak on May 19, beating the previous attempt by Kanang Usin from Bintulu in 2022.

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Wong shared that the climb took three years of preparation, immense mental strength, and daily prayers.

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“Reaching the top is one thing, but coming down safely when you’re exhausted is another big challenge. I was always thinking of my family and their support during the climb,” he added.

60-year-old m'sian becomes the first sarawakian to conquer mount everest | weirdkaya
Photo from The Borneo Post

“A personal goal in life”

His family, including his wife Lim Shaw Chyi and daughters, greeted him with cheers and flowers at the airport.

Reflecting on his journey, Wong said, “I was exhausted but grateful. I immediately thanked God, especially since I reached the summit on my 34th wedding anniversary.”

Wong’s journey took 45 days from Kathmandu, and he set the record as the first Sarawakian to reach the summit on the eve of Miri City Day.

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Deputy Minister Datuk Sebastian Ting praised Wong’s achievement and suggested making him a tourism ambassador for Sarawak.

“Wong is our hero, and we are proud of his achievement, especially at 60 years old,” Ting said.


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